Cutting-edge technology meets guaranteed green hydrogen performance in the North American market

Proven, reliable, and effective electrolyzer technology for the large-scale market—now available in the US and Canada

For 200 years, John Cockerill has spearheaded innovations across multiple industries, becoming a sought-after partner for hydrogen generation companies and a well-established partner in Europe. With an estimated 20% share of the global green hydrogen electrolyzer market in 2022, John Cockerill is now expanding to North America. Our gigafactory in the Houston, Texas area will produce 1 GW of electrolyzers per year, with 30-MW pressurized alkaline electrolyzer systems that produce hydrogen at 6,000 Nm3/hr and support both flexible and stable loads.

Top-tier local production and manufacturing expertise

We believe that local manufacturing and service make all the difference. Our US location takes advantage of the incredible energy industry expertise found in the Houston area, while facilitating adaptation to local norms and standards, streamlining logistics and delivery, minimizing service response, and enabling our customers to meet their domestic content requirements. A local presence also reduces the risks associated with manufacturing and transportation, shortening the distances that base materials and finished products need to travel to reach our customers.


Technology that’s tailor-made for the North American market

An electrolyzer system is a substantial investment, and choosing one that’s made locally avoids the common obstacles that can crop up when buying from abroad. All John Cockerill electrolyzer systems produced from our Baytown, Texas facility are specifically designed to be used in North America and meet your unique electrical requirements, size requirements, and certifications. Plus, our US-made electrolyzer systems are guaranteed to be free from banned rare or critical materials, ensuring that your project stays eligible for every available subsidy and compliant with local regulations.

Localized end-to-end support

Whatever your large-scale green hydrogen production goals are, rest assured that you’ll find local support at every step of the way. John Cockerill’s manufacturing and maintenance teams are based right here in the US, and they’re fully available for the entire life cycle of your project—from development to design, pre-FEED, FEED, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

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Green hydrogen performance guaranteed

With our centuries of financial stability and heavy industry diversity, our long-term service agreements and performance guarantees, we reduce the risk and provide the stable foundation that bankers need for your large-scale project. John Cockerill is a global player across several industries focused on efficiency, innovation, reliability, and safety, making us the most solid, secure electrolyzer supplier for green hydrogen production.

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