Manufacturing Facilities

Soon a new manufacturing site in France for the production of hydrogen electrolysers

John Cockerill Hydrogen production sites fully integrate our philosophy of excellence and benefit from our unique combinations of experience and excellence accumulated over more than 200 years.

In addition to being highly automated, we implement the latest techniques in terms of manufacturing, which ensure that our hydrolysers are of unparalleled quality, reliability and efficiency, satisfying all our customers. The integration of the different manufacturing steps in our sites ensures substantial savings, and a rapid response to the markets. This integration is only possible through the complementary nature of the technological solutions offered by John Cockerill.

John Cockerill has announced that it will reach 8 GW of production capacity by 2025. To achieve this, we are acting globally.


With an annual production capacity of up to 1 GW of electrolyzers, our plant in Aspach (France) is the first European “gigafactory”. The site benefits from an excellent location in France, next to the German border. Both countries have high ambitions for the development of green hydrogen for their industries.

Aspach John Cockerill


With an electrolyser manufacturing capacity of 1 GW per year, our Suzhou CJH workshop was inaugurated in 2019 and is presently the world’s largest facility dedicated to the manufacturing of electrolysers. The production includes raw material storage, cutting, machining, welding, assembly, testing, packing and expediting. With a total surface of 18,000m², the production site is divided into functional areas: logistics and storage, electrical, machining, electrode workshop, assembly and testing. This ensures quality and full flexibility. As demand for electrolyzers in China continues to grow, a second electrolyzer production plant was built in 2022. This plant has been sized to produce 1 GW per year.


John Cockerill Hydrogen has signed a partnership agreement with Greenko, India’s leading renewable energy company, to set up a 1 GW electrolyser production capacity. These electrolysers will serve the very promising Indian market, estimated at 30 GW by 2030.

All our electrolyzers are tested on the assembly site and we carry out a complete analysis of the electrolysis process in a dedicated laboratory. The workshop is ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 compliant and fully qualified to produce CE certified equipment.

“A group philosophy of excellence and a combination of unique experience accumulated over more than two hundred years.”