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A major technological edge

True to its heritage as a leading equipment manufacturer, John Cockerill has a major technological edge. We offer with Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen (CJH) best-in-class alkaline electrolysers technology. This technology is the most proven to date and accounts for approximately 85% of global electrolyser sales today.

John Cockerill offers a wide range of electrolysers capacity, from a few Nm³ per hour to 1000Nm³ per hour (equivalent to 5MW). Currently, our 5MW electrolysers are among the world’s most powerful, making us the ideal partner, ready for large-scale projects and bound to grow ever more.

We build electrolysers

Relying on decades of experience in electrolysis and hydrogen, John Cockerill offers a full range of pressurised alkaline electrolysers as well as pressurised and gas treatment equipment.

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We build hydrogen refueling stations

Our hydrogen refueling stations offer ranges from a capacity of 100 to 1,000 kg per day, at 350 and 700 bar, meeting the requirements of light and heavy duty applications such as buses and trucks.

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We build integrated solutions

On top of equipment design and manufacturing, John Cockerill renewable is also in a position to offer turn key “EPC” solutions. Starting from a green field and going through to an operational plant, we deliver a hydrogen production facility for a guaranteed price by a guaranteed date and performing as expected.

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Hydrogen Refueling Stations

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Integrated Solutions