Two projects for the development of the hydrogen value chain receive IPCEI support from the Walloon Government

February 18th 2023

The Walloon government has confirmed its financial support for two of John Cockerill’s hydrogen-related projects: the establishment of our first multi-site European gigafactory (Aspach in France and Seraing in Belgium) and the Columbus project with Carmeuse and ENGIE. These two projects are supported by the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) program.

In order to make the transition away from fossil fuels and develop the hydrogen economy, Europe, France and Belgium have foreseen different support mechanisms. After France for Aspach, our European gigafactory project dedicated to the production of electrolyzers is benefiting from Belgian support. Both countries are thus contributing to the development of the European hydrogen value chain.

The Columbus project to reduce industrial CO2 emissions in Wallonia

With the Columbus project, the three partners Carmeuse, ENGIE and John Cockerill aim to reduce industrial CO2 emissions in Wallonia. ENGIE and Carmeuse have also received Walloon support in the form of IPCEI for the Columbus project. This is a carbon capture and utilization (“CCU”) project to reduce CO₂ emissions from industrial lime production. The idea is to combine the CO₂ inherent in this industrial process with green hydrogen to produce e-methane, thus turning CO₂ from a waste product to a resource.

Through these two projects, John Cockerill is developing technologies for responsible industrial production based on low-carbon energy. The support from IPCEI recognizes the added value and quality of these two projects and means an important step forward for taking on the remaining challenges such as the search for further investment funding, green power sourcing, permitting and finding off takers for the e-methane.