John Cockerill unveils outstanding track record in 2021: 33% market share of global electrolysers deliveries, 100% takeover of Cockerill Jingli in China…

green hydrogen technology

February 18th 2022

John Cockerill establishes itself as the global leader in the supply of electrolysers in 2021 with a 33% market share of shipments. John Cockerill also recorded exceptional sales in 2021, totaling close to 200 megawatts (MW) and a 3-fold increase in hydrogen revenues compared to 2020. Last November, John Cockerill delivered 2 stacks of electrolysers with a unit power of 6.5MW, the largest in the world.

During 2021, we delivered among others the following projects: 

  • “Baofeng”: the world’s largest photovoltaic-hydrogen power plant in northwest China, with 110 MW of electrolysers supplied by John Cockerill – 22 stacks of 5MW.
  • “Beijing Olympic Games”: a 6 MW electrolyser supplied to power hydrogen-powered buses for the Olympic games.

Construction of our first Giga-factory in Europe: the development of our 100% European production line for electrolysers and hydrogen equipment is progressing as planned and will be operational in 2023. Our industrial plan includes the manufacturing of the components of electrolysers in Aspach-Michelbach (Alsace, France) and the assembly of the stacks in Seraing (Wallonia, Belgium). The equipment produced will use the latest results of research and development projects and will integrate solutions from numerous European partners.

Strengthening of our leadership position in China : John Cockerill has completed the purchase of 100% of “Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen” in China (previously held at 56%). Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen is consolidating its position in China, as market leader in the sector and reaching breakeven financial results. With its subsidiary, John Cockerill is ideally positioned both for the Chinese market, which is currently experiencing a strong acceleration, and for exports to Southeast Asia and Australia.

First major orders for sales of 30MW of electrolysers in Europe : The consortium HyOffWind – Colruyt Group and Fluxys – has signed an agreement with John Cockerill (together with our partner Besix) to design and deliver on a turnkey EPC basis, a 25 MW green hydrogen production unit in Zeebrugge Belgium. Another project has been signed with a major oil and gas actor in Southern Europe.

Joint-venture in India and acceleration in other regions: John Cockerill has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with the Indian leader in renewable energies, Greenko. This agreement provides for the creation of a joint venture between John Cockerill and Greenko to accelerate the deployment of the green hydrogen ecosystem in India and build an electrolyser manufacturing plant to serve the local market. In addition, discussions are underway for the establishment of similar partnerships in other regions of the world.

Development of complete hydrogen mobility solutions: John Cockerill is developing hydrogen refueling systems and will commission a first pilot project in Seraing later this year. Several projects have been secured, including the HaYrport project with Liege Airport (Belgium), which aims to deploy a green hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure within the airport to power hydrogen vehicles (buses, trucks and light vehicles). In addition, a partnership has been announced with Eurometropole de Metz and UEM (the local gas and electricity distribution company) to convert a fleet of buses to hydrogen. Beyond, John Cockerill has been selected for several other hydrogen mobility projects in France and Belgium.

Finally, John Cockerill has forged partnerships with leading players in different parts of the world. With ENGIE and Carmeuse, the Group is developing the Columbus project which aims to capture CO2 emissions and to convert them into e-methane using green hydrogen. With our partners IMEC, VITO, Bekaert, Colruyt Group and DEME, John Cockerill is also involved in the breakthrough “Hyve” research program, developing the next generation of electrolysis technology.

John Cockerill is rapidly developing its hydrogen expertise. More than 260 employees are today working in John Cockerill’s worldwide hydrogen teams. Over 2021, 70 new employees have been hired in Belgium and France, in high value-added activities, such as R&D, industrialization and project management. Overall more than 10M€ have been invested in R&D in 2021, including in breakthrough innovative technologies, industrialization of our solutions, labs and test-benches. Recruitment of experts and talents is expected to continue in 2022 with an increasing pace.

We are delighted with these excellent results. Whether in Europe, Asia or elsewhere, our customers select John Cockerill for its technological excellence, the efficiency of its solutions and its ability to execute large complex projects. In order to support the energy transition of even more companies, we are rapidly increasing our manufacturing capacities across the world and forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders,” concludes Raphaël Tilot, Head of John Cockerill’s Hydrogen and Renewables businesses.


John Cockerill in energy

John Cockerill is a world player in the energy transition. With the strength of more than 200 years of experience in energy and industry behind it, the Group is today developing innovative technological solutions which contribute to the decarbonization of human activities, whether by developing new electricity production capacities from renewable sources, storing green electricity or optimizing the electricity output of existing electric power plants and industrial installations. It adapts its technologies and expertise – heat recuperation boilers for combined cycle gas-steam electric power plant, units for the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen, receivers for thermo-solar concentration power plants, integrated units for the production, storage and management of green electricity, industrial boilers, wind turbine and hydroelectric installation maintenance, nuclear pipe-work, the automation of industrial processes – to the specific needs of its clients in the industrial and energy domains. John Cockerill is thus providing its technological contribution to the fight against climate change. In 2020 it achieved turnover of 1.01 billion Euros in 19 countries across 5 continents.

John Cockerill, enabler of opportunities 

Driven since 1817 by the entrepreneurial spirit and the thirst for innovation of its founder, the John Cockerill Group develops large scale technological solutions to meet the needs of our time:preserving natural resources, contributing to greenermobility, producing sustainably, fighting againstinsecurity and facilitating access to renewable energy.  Its offering to enterprises, States and communitiescomes in the form of services and associatedequipment for the energy, defense, industry,environment, transport and infrastructure sectors. Driven since 1817 by the entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for innovation of their founder, the 5 000-strong workforce of the Group enabled it to achieve turnover in 2020 of 1.01 billion Euros in 22 countries across 5 continents.