Green hydrogen injected into the gas grid: John Cockerill develops a research partnership with Sibelga on a Fluxys station

April 12th 2021

As a major player committed to the energy transition, John Cockerill Energy is participating in the H2GridLab (Hydrogen to Grid National Lab) project initiated by Sibelga, the electricity and gas network operator for the Brussels-Capital region (Belgium). The aim is to develop a “Power to Gas” pilot based on green hydrogen.

This research partnership, financed by a federal fund, aims to study the injection into the gas network of hydrogen produced from renewable energies via a Brussels station of Fluxys (operator of the gas transmission network in Belgium). Sibelga called on John Cockerill’s technologies. Steve Smets (Project Manager Capex Hydrogen): “Our teams of experts are currently working on the technical and financial feasibility study related to the implementation of a National Living Lab whose aim is to study the hydrogen deployment in Belgium, and in particular the production of green hydrogen for potential injection into the networks.

Hydrogen can be produced using an electrolyzer that, powered by renewable energy, converts water into green hydrogen, which can be used to store energy or even power vehicles. Our electrolyzers, with the largest capacities in the world (from 100 to 1000 Nm3/h), meet the growing needs of the mobility, industrial and of course energy markets.

Canal Z made a television report on this innovative R&D project supported by the Energy Transition Fund: