List of associations of which we are members

Hydrogen Council

The Hydrogen Council is a global CEO-led initiative that brings together leading companies with a united vision.

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Hydrogen Europe

Hydrogen Europe is the European association representing the interest of the hydrogen industry and its stakeholders and promoting hydrogen as an enabler of a zero-emission society.

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France Hydrogène

With more than 450 members, France Hydrogène brings together the stakeholders of the French hydrogen sector across the entire value chain: major industrial groups developing large-scale projects, innovative SMEs and start-ups supported by laboratories and research centres of excellence, associations, competitiveness clusters and local authorities committed to the deployment of hydrogen solutions.

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Belgian Hydrogen Council

TWEED and WaterstofNet clusters join forces in the Belgian Hydrogen Council! The Belgian Hydrogen Council represents the Belgian Hydrogen Industry in Belgium and abroad.

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H2 Hub Wallonia

The H2Hub Wallonia was created to become the reference in Wallonia and to offer a global vision of H2 initiatives in Wallonia, Belgium and abroad, in order to ensure the rapid establishment of a global hydrogen economy.



WaterstofNet is a knowledge and collaboration platform. We aim to contribute to a carbon-neutral society by supporting and realising hydrogen projects in Flanders and the Netherlands. Together with the industrial sector and the government, we enable concrete achievements in the field, laying the basis for further collaboration. By doing so, we assist in the further development of Flanders and the Netherlands as leaders in hydrogen.

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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership’s main objective is to contribute to EU Green Deal and Hydrogen Strategy through optimised funding of R&I activities. The Clean Hydrogen Partnership is the successor of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU).

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The DINAMHySE project, launched in early 2019, aims to stimulate and accelerate the development of an industrial hydrogen sector in the Grand Est region, across the entire value chain, from production to uses: mobility, buildings, storage of ‘EnR, … and to implement hydrogen within the framework of the energy transition.

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Pôle Véhicule du Futur

Officially recognised as a competitiveness cluster in 2005, Vehicle of the Future cluster is a non-profit organisation that aims to foster synergies between companies, teaching and research in the field of the vehicle and mobility of the future. It has created and leads an ecosystem with more than 500 members in north-eastern France: the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Grand Est Regions.

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Mouvement des Entreprises de France

Spokesperson for all companies, the Mouvement des entreprises de France is the privileged interlocutor of decision-makers and public authorities.

Club Hydrogène Bourgogne Franche-Comté

The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Hydrogen Club was launched in March 2020, in line with the roadmap voted by the region in 2019. Its aim is to contribute to the operational implementation of the regional roadmap and to accelerate the hydrogen dynamic by bringing together players present across the entire value chain: from production to all uses. The Club also supports the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in its objective of carbon neutrality by 2050.

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European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was set up in July 2020 to support the large-scale deployment of clean hydrogen technologies by 2030. It brings together renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production, demand in industry, mobility and other sectors, and hydrogen transmission and distribution. Its members come from industry, public authorities, civil society, and other stakeholders.

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Electrolyser Partnership

Under the management of European Commission, will coordinate and develop the electrolyser industry in Europe for European production, European sales and export of electrolysers and components (electrodes, membranes, …). The alliance will maximize the impact by engaging all stakeholders in the hydrogen value chain and by mobilising resources to develop an investment agenda.


MEDEF International Task Force H2

The Hydrogen Task Force (TFH) is a private initiative, supported by two business associations, MEDEF International, the first French private business network internationally, and France Hydrogène, the association bringing together all the players in the the hydrogen value chain. It is based on the complementarity and respective strengths of the two associations, placed at the service of French companies active in the hydrogen business.

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Agoria paves the way for all technology-inspired companies in Belgium that develop and market sustainable solutions to realise growth and progress worldwide, representing over 321,000 employees.

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FCHEA (Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association)

The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) is the leading industry association in the United States representing more than ninety leading organizations advancing production, distribution, and use of innovative, clean, safe, and reliable hydrogen energy. For over 30 years FCHEA has provided a consistent industry voice to policymakers and regulators, driving support at the federal and state level. Our educational efforts promote the environmental and economic benefits of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies.

The mission of FCHEA is to advance the commercialization of and promote the markets for fuel cells and hydrogen energy.

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Australian Hydrogen Council

The Australian Hydrogen Council is the peak body for the hydrogen industry, with members from across the hydrogen value chain. We represent the emerging hydrogen industry and connect it with its stakeholders to collectively create a clean and resilient energy future that has hydrogen as a key part of the energy mix.

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